Sunshine Cobb

Sunshine Cobb was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and grew up

in southern California. She attended a great variety of college classes

on her quest to find her bliss, and worked many jobs—housekeeper,

production assistant, massage therapist, child/elder caregiver, etc. She

finally discovered ceramics, and went on to earn a BA in Studio Art from

California State University at Sacramento. Ceramics has been the major

influence in her life for over 15 years now. She has done everything

from 8-day anagama wood firings to slip-casting ornaments. She

recently graduated from Utah State University with an MFA in Ceramics

and was a long-term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation.


Cobb says of her practice, "Through form and surface my goal is to

communicate a sense of home and memory, but also to evoke that

feeling of wanderlust that has informed my own life and visual

sensibilities. By exploring and creating vessels kept within arms reach,

I hope to communicate how an object's significance can grow and

change depending on the path of a person's life."