About Radius Gallery

Lisa Simon and Jason Neal opened Radius Gallery in 2014 to showcase the skills and sensibilities of artists they admire, to connect those artists to discerning collectors, and to create an energetic forum for discussing art and its vitality in the world today.

Live with Art

The Radius Gallery mantra/motto—live with art—argues for bringing into our homes and work spaces art that delights the eyes and excites the imagination. More than that, it's an encouragement to take a risk, to embrace art’s ability to coax and provoke ideas about the human condition, the natural world, and how we engage one another and our surroundings in the 21st century. Our intention for the gallery, always, is that it be a place of interest for everyone, a locus of inclusion and open-mindedness in our community, and an entity that advocates for other art initiatives in and around Missoula.

Artist Representation

Representing artists over the long term is a privilege and responsibility we take seriously. We support the artists represented by Radius Gallery in a variety of ways: by providing a beautiful space in which we exhibit and sell their work, by identifying and encouraging career-advancing opportunities, and by responding to their needs and ambitions no matter where they are in their artistic careers.

Radius Gallery currently represents 30 artists, but in any given year we exhibit work by upwards of 200 artists from around the region and beyond. Before making the leap to representation, an artist typically exhibits work in one or more of our invitational shows, or, quite often, our annual open-call Holiday Show. These exhibitions serve both gallery and artist to assess if long-term representation is an appealing proposition.

If you're interested in exhibiting work at Radius Gallery, please join our mailing list, watch for open calls, schedule an appointment to discuss your work, and let’s begin getting to know one another!

Situated on the traditional, ancestral territories of the Séliš (Salish or “Flathead”) and Qlispé (upper Kalispel or Pend d’Oreille) peoples, Radius Gallery is committed to respecting the Indigenous stewards of the land it occupies. These rich cultures are fundamental to artistic life in Montana and to the mission of Radius Gallery.