Cathy Weber

Cathy Weber grew up in the Midwestern US, studied at the Herron School of Art and Indiana University, and completed a formal painting apprenticeship in Mexico City. In 1981 she moved to Montana, where she maintains a studio in historic downtown Dillon. Skilled in a variety of media, Weber's work is motivated by an increasing sense of urgency to make things of beauty in response to war, injustice, greed and violence. Weber finds comfort and hope in the process of creating beautiful images of common objects.


Of her slipcast porcelain birds, Weber say, "I have been making hundreds of ceramic birds each year for the last ten years. What has evolved from this process is a formal expression of the 'bird' concept that is not species-specific but archetypal. As objects, birds serve as metaphors for a wide range of human needs and emotions: aspiration and serenity, nesting and flight, fragility and freedom, community and solitude. We read desire in wishbones, rebirth in eggs, and nostalgia in birdsong. Each of my ceramic birds is a glazed surface inviting individual interpretation and meditation."