the sense beyond desire

22 January - 27 February 2021

For our first exhibition of 2021 we're delighted to bring together the work of four Montana-based artists: LeAnn Boyd (fresco), Pamela Caughey (encaustic), Ashley Meyora (encaustic & mixed media) and Sean O'Connell (decorated pottery).


Each of these artists so thoughtfully explores expression through abstraction, charging the base elements of form, texture, color & composition with emotionality, vitality and verve.


We're calling the exhibition the sense beyond desire, a title derived from the poem "Emergence" by the amazing Joy Harjo, who was recently appointed to her second term as United States Poet Laureate.


A human mind is small when thinking

of small things.

It is large when embracing the maker

of walking, thinking and flying.

If I can locate the sense beyond desire,

I will not eat or drink

until I stagger into the earth

with grief.

I will locate the point of dawning

and awaken

with the longest day in the world.

—from “Emergence” by Joy Harjo