23 August - 21 September 2019

Featuring new works by Montana printmakers James Bailey, Jason Clark, Dan DeGrandpre, Elizabeth Dove, Claire Emery, Frank Finley, Bev Beck Glueckert, Scot Herries, Gesine Janzen, David Miles Lusk, Katie S. Machain, James G. Todd & Doug Turman, plus selections from MATRIX PRESS.


The vitality of contemporary printmaking is on full display in this extraordinary exhibition featuring work by thirteen Montana-based artists spanning three generations. Driven by boundless creativity and a love of craft, these artists have made pieces for the show that are, in turns, whimsical, provocative, enigmatic and alluring. Across the board, the work reflects a creative imperative to bring something heretofore unseen into the world.


Please join us for the opening reception on August 23, starting at 5pm. Everyone is welcome.