Mary Briggs' current body of work investigates functional forms

inspired by historical folk pottery. She began drawing on ceramic pots

over 15 years ago as landscapes presented themselves to her in the

brush marks and drip lines of white slip she applied over terra cotta

clay. Researching landscape drawings and paintings and using them

as a reference is part of her process. She particularly references 19th

century Old Masters works, drawn to their soothing, romantic

sensibilities. Each of her pieces is decorated individually with

consideration of composition and its relationship to form. “I find rural

life and nature to be calming and beautiful," says Briggs. "By using

that imagery in my work, I hope it brings a sense of calmness to those

who encounter it."


Briggs began her education in clay at the University of Georgia with

Ron Meyers and Andy Nasisse, after which she obtained an MFA from

the University of Iowa. She is currently a studio potter in Eugene,

Oregon, which lured her with its landscape and outdoor activities