Trey Hill has a BFA from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from San Jose State University. His work has appeared in galleries and museums around the world. He has been an artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT; the LH Project in Joseph, OR; Da Wang Cultural Highlands in DaWang, China;

HAP Studios in Beijing, China; Fule International Ceramic Art Museum in Fuping, China; and the Roja Art Lab in Roja, Latvia. Hill is an Associate Professor at The University of Montana where he teaches ceramics and sculpture. 


Hill writes, “Many classical Greek and Roman sculptures are built with a support, a carved stone element typically in the shape of a tree trunk that supports the weight of the figure and allows the sculpture to stand. The support is meant to be inconspicuous, unseen—yet it is instrumental to the form. In my current work I use the tree element as a metaphor for what goes unseen but is essential to our existence. Other pieces use anatomical fragments, recognizable figures and forms, composed to raise and reflect complex inquiries into sight and attraction. My work hints at a deeper view, a silent demand, and celebrates the unseen.”