Bobbie McKibbin

Bobbie McKibbin's mastery of pastel drawing is nationally recognized. Her work appears in over 30 museum and corporate collections, including the Smithsonian, and has been featured in dozens of solo, invitational and juried exhibitions over the course of a 40-year career in the arts.

From a distance, McKibbin's drawings appear photographic, documentary. As one gets closer, the highlights on grass, sky, water, emerge as overt chalk lines-seemingly random, almost disconnected from the background. In the space between, as our eyes adjust, we experience the dynamic interplay between viewer, physical place, and the artist's hand.

McKibbin writes, "My work is shaped by living and working in the west.... I see myself as a kind of reporter, someone who documents, a witness to the mystery and beauty that surrounds us. My work faithfully records a sense of place and at the same time celebrates the act of drawing and image making."