Brooke Borcherding

Brooke Borcherding is a full-time, award-winning artist who lives in Seattle, Washington. Her acrylic paintings on canvas and panel have been exhibited in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. in 2018 she won best oil/acrylic painting at the prestigious Carmel Plein Air Competition, and in 2019 her work was featured in American Art Collector magazine.


The kaleidoscopic landscapes of Borcherding’s recent work are a contemporary take on a venerable genre. Brilliantly colored blocks of color cascade across the canvas, creating a wonderfully pixelated image of urban or rural environments that shimmer with dynamic energy. Borcherding says these “deconstructions” aim to “shed light on the beauty of ordered chaos.” While Borcherding has a BFA in painting from the University of Oregon, she learned so much of her craft from nature itself, by being prolific, and by spending time in the company of her plein air peers.