Kensuke Yamada

Born in Japan, Kensuke Yamada came to the US to attend Evergreen

State College in Olympia, WA. He went on to earn his MFA at the

University of Montana, and has been a resident artist at the Archie Bray

Foundation and The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Yamada has taught

ceramics and sculpture-making at Temple University, Centre College in

Danville, KY, and elsewhere. He is currently an instructor at the

University of Arkansas Little Rock. His bold figurative work has

appeared in dozens of group and solo exhibitions across the US.


"Clay," says Yamada, "has become another primary source of

communication for me. The vocabulary consists of gestures, patterns,

textures, colors and rhythms...these qualities bring the figure to life. I

look for sculptural conversations that evoke the beauty, the subtleties,

the sadness and the humor of our everyday life. In viewing my

sculpture I hope for people to enjoy the moment, rather than the

movement, of time. I hope my work will fill the space between two

seemingly distant things, to provide a connection and thus create the

story of you and me."