Leslie Fry

Born in Montreal, Leslie Fry grew up in Vermont where she lives now.

She earned an MFA from Bard College, and a BA from the University of

Vermont. She has been an educator at the university level since 1988,

and is currently Studio Art Lecturer at Dartmouth College


Fry works with a variety of media, making 2D work on paper, fabric and

wood, and sculpture from ceramic, concrete, plaster, bronze and other

materials. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries

across the globe including Paris, Seoul, Hamburg, New York City,

Vienna, Montreal, New Orleans, and Boston.


Fry says, "I draw, print, model, and cast by combining organic materials

such as plants, paper, clay, and fabric with plaster, concrete, metal, and

resin. Recent works on paper have taken on new lives as animations. In

my ongoing sculpture series Supports, architectural details are imbued

with human expression about life’s precariousness. Forms are stacked

to evoke balance, endurance, falling apart, and holding together."