Art sets the tone of any space, and speaks to the values of those living and working in that space. While any interior element can reflect one's aesthetic sensibilities, a work of art expresses a point of view.

At Radius Gallery we consult with clients looking for exceptional art to suit their spaces. Taking into account site needs, personal values and budget, we’re able to present a range of options and offer suggestions for placement, framing and installation. Importantly, we scale these services to the level required by the collector.


The owners and artists of Radius Gallery can collaborate directly with collectors to create specific, commissioned works—an artistic rendition of a meaningful place or favorite vista, a portrait of a loved one or animal companion, an artistic assemblage comprised of mementos or heirlooms, etc. Such pieces allow you to uniquely commemorate the people, places and things you hold dear. Commissioned art is one of the most intimate gifts you can give someone you love, even (perhaps especially) when that someone is yourself.


Radius Gallery occupies a gorgeous, intimate space in the historic Higgins Building in downtown Missoula. Its high tin ceilings, wood floors and nuanced lighting create an elegant ambience suitable for receptions, readings, holiday and celebratory gatherings.

We can also recommend local caterers, event planners, and party rental professionals who can snap together a quality event in short order.