Radius Gallery is currently accepting entries for its exhibition MONTANA FOUND, to take place Mar 2 - Mar 31, 2018. The exhibition is open to all types of art—painting, illustration, ceramic, sculpture, collage, photography and more—but all works must incorporate a physical object (or objects) “found” in Montana. The object might provide the surface for an otherwise 2-dimensional artwork; it might be a component of an assemblage; it might serve as a “ready-made” with little or no embellishment. The object should be a clear feature of the work (i.e. it shouldn't be completely obscured by other media).

We hope for and welcome a variety of submissions—those that celebrate "the last best place" for its beauty, history and culture, as well as those that cast a more critical eye on Montana’s many, often conflicting narratives.


Open to all artists in the United States and Canada, 18 years of age or older. Artists may submit only their own original artworks.



Midnight, December 31, 2017

Number and Scale of Entries

Each artist can submit up to 5 artworks. Radius Gallery may choose to accept some, none or all of an artist’s entries. Large and small works are welcome, but due to space limitations we cannot accept artwork exceeding 60" in any direction.

Media / Preparation

The exhibition is open to all media. Work must be framed (when applicable) and ready to hang (wire, D-rings or cleat). Work on paper must be covered by glass or Plexiglass with no exposed edges.

Digital Images

Digital images must be in JPG format, with the longest dimension not less than 1200 pixels and not exceeding 1800 pixels. File names must include the artist’s last name and the title of the artwork (e.g. WARHOL_eight_elvises.jpg).

Images should represent the actual artwork as closely as possible. If artwork is selected for the show, and upon arrival in the gallery it deviates significantly and unfortunately from the image used to selected it (in terms of color, shape, construction, etc.), Radius Gallery reserves the right not to hang the work.

By entering the competition, artists whose works are selected for the show grant Radius Gallery the right to use submitted images on printed materials and the gallery’s web and social media sites for promotional purposes only. Radius Gallery retains no copyrights to artists' works.

Entry Fee

$20 (non-refundable) for up to five entries


Artists with accepted entries can deliver their artworks to Radius Gallery starting Tuesday, Feb 20. The last acceptable day for delivering artwork is Saturday, Feb 24.

Please label all packing materials with your name. Shipped work should arrive in a reusable container with return postage or prepaid shipping documents and correct return label. Hand-delivered artwork may be dropped off during business hours, between 11am - 6pm.

Following the close of the exhibition, artwork will be available for pickup Sunday, Apr 1 thru Saturday, April 7 during business hours (11am - 6pm). Please arrange for a representative to pick up your work if you are unable. Shipped artwork will be mailed back between Apr 1 and Apr 7, assuming return postage or prepaid shipping documents were included with the work.


Artwork accepted for the exhibit must be for sale. Artists are expected to set the retail prices of their submitted works. Radius Gallery will receive a 50% commission for each work sold from the exhibit.


During the exhibition, artwork will be insured by Radius Gallery against all physical loss or damage from any external cause. Insurance is limited to the wholesale value at the time of loss. If damage occurs and the piece can be repaired, liability will be limited to the cost of such repair.


Submission of work constitutes an agreement to the conditions set forth and acceptance that the decisions of the gallery are final. Radius Gallery may photograph and reproduce accepted work for promotional purposes. Artists may not withdraw accepted entries before the close of the exhibition. Radius Gallery is not responsible for refunding entry fees or allowing artists to change submission information for artworks which do not meet above rules.


Please direct any questions about artwork submissions or terms of entry to:




DEC 31

Deadline for submitting entries

JAN 30

Artists notified of artwork selections

FEB 20 - 24

Artists deliver selected artwork to Radius Gallery


Exhibition begins
Opening reception (5-8pm)

MAR 31

Exhibition closes

APR 1 - 7

Timeframe for picking up unsold artwork (during regular business hours, 11am - 6pm)