Esprits de Corps

White Rush

You, Me, Intrusion, Bell

Quaalude to the Afternoon of the Faun

2017 No. 1

Emily Dickinson

Corazon Aquino

Camille Paglia


Amelia Earhart

Ishtar Practicing Hepatoscopy

The Cohen Brothers

Zaman Hujan Au (Time of the Ash Rain)

Détails sur la Fin du Monde

Poetry of the Seven Sorrows

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Cor Cordium

Polly Dolly, Poor Polidori

Le Diable Boiteux

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

The Harmless Albatross

The Cup of Life was Poisoned


Lord Ruthven as 'The Vampyr'

The Midnight Pillow

Or, the Modern Prometheus

Meteorological Imaginations and Conjectures

Ada Lovelace

Bela Lugosi as 'Dracula'

Boris Karloff as 'Frankenstein's Monster'

Claire Clairmont

Elsa Lanchester as 'The Bride'

Heinrich Heine

Ignace Venetz

J.M.W. Turner

John James Audubon

John Keats

Lady Caroline Lamb

Li Yuyang

Lord Francis Rawdon Hastings

Luke Howard

Mary Wollstonecraft


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Stamford Raffles

Teresa Guiccioli

William Scoresby

Volcano Tambora

Arthur Rimbaud

Pearls Before Swine

My Wallpaper and I are Fighting a Duel to Death (Oscar Wilde)

Full Bloom


A Slice of Heaven

Seeing the Elephant

High Tea and Eccentricities in the Foggy, Foggy Sea