The Rose
(Mary, Queen of Scots)

The Thistle
(Queen Elizabeth I)

Christina, Queen of Sweden

The Empress and Her Turnips

The Countess in the Moonlight

The Swan King

The Beast of Versailles

The Counsel and The Madman

Benjamin Franklin and his Wild Turkey

There was a Girl
(Pink Fizz)

Dismantled Almosts Singing for Harvest

Xerox Candy / Mine is Clouds

Sailing with My Tai

The Forger Boy, the Monk and the Freshly Dug Grave

Death in the Afternoon

Dorothy's Resume

Sherlock Investigates 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Pip and Miss Havisham Fly Fish the Blackfoot River

Emma Woodhouse Visits Korova Milk Bar

Patrick Bateman Follows the Yellow Brick Road

Pippi Longstocking Travels to Asteroid B-612

Forgetful of the Flies

Daydreams Came Swarming Up

Piggy's Fall Through the Air

Flathead Valley

Gilbert Lord and the Lonely Chicks

Members Only

Cafeteria Lunch

Kingfishers in Flight

Missoula Bear in Landscape

Bison Skull and Flowers

Farm to Table

Pig 'N Whistle

What is a Snail's Fury?

A Boy's Journal, Missoula, 1873

Vespertilio Vampyrus
(As Named by Linnaeus)

Territorial Fair, 1886

Bitterroot Valley

Finetta Lord's Tomato Harvest

Minnie Lord and the Corn Silks

Lottie Ables Pickett, 1878