Owners Lisa Simon and Jason Neal opened Radius Gallery in 2014 to showcase the skills and sensibilities of artists they admire, to connect those artists to discerning collectors, and to create an energetic forum for discussing art and its vitality in the world today.

Radius Gallery is a forum for sharing thoughts and perspectives, for talking about art and its ability to coax and provoke ideas about the human condition, the natural world, how we engage one another and our surroundings in the twenty-first century. We hold artist talks, literary readings, community salons, and offer our support to other arts advocacy initiatives in and around Missoula.

We believe good art takes its viewer to a place of creativity. That place may be one of comfort or agitation, mental rigor, amusement, or, best of all, some complex mishmash of association and emotional response that is different for everyone. So whether you're looking to buy or browse, we invite you to visit and discover where the art at Radius Gallery takes you.


Representing select artists over the long term is a privilege and responsibility we take seriously. We support the artists represented by Radius Gallery in a variety of ways—by giving them a beautiful space to exhibit and sell their work, and also by identifying and encouraging opportunities, responding to their needs and ambitions no matter where they are in their artistic careers.

Radius Gallery currently represents fifteen artists and aspires to double that number over the course of the coming year. We’ve designed a series of open exhibits that we hope will introduce us to a variety of exceptional artists, offer them compelling opportunities to showcase their best work and provide us feedback from our customers and regular collectors. These shows serve both gallery and artist to assess if long-term representation is an appealing proposition.

If you’re interested in being represented by Radius Gallery, please sign up for our newsletter, watch for open calls, submit your best work, and let’s begin getting to know one another.